Bank Error In Your Favour 2009 DVDRip XviD


Video Codec....: XviD-1.2.1
Video Bitrate..: 900 kbps
Audio Codec....: MP3 VBR Stereo
Audio Bitrate..: 160 kbps
Aspect Ratio...: 1.81:1
Resolution.....: 640 x 352
Frame Rate.....: 25.000 fps
Genre..........: Comedy
Runtime........: 105 mins
RAR Count......: 50x15
Audio Language.: French
Subtitles......: English
DVD Date.......: 01.22.2009
Release Date...: 10.01.2009
Theater Date...: 04.09.2009
IMDB Rating....: 5.6/10 (50 votes)

Synopsis: After 17 years of loyal service, Julien Foucault is let go from his job at the bank and decided to take advantage of confidential information.

After 17 years as a butler in one of Paris' notorious private banks, Julien (Gerard Lanvin) is about to call it quits and open his own bistro with best buddy, brasserie chef Etienne (Jean-Pierre Darroussin). But when their business loans are denied, and Julien's billionaire boss (Philippe Magnan) refuses to shell out extra chump change, the servant begins playing the stock market with info overheard during his bank's elegant luncheons.

When Julien's neighbors get word of his scheme, they fork over their life savings and begin riding the euphoric wave of quick and easy market gains. That is, until the plan inevitably backfires...



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