Raging Phoenix (2009) Dvdrip + Subs

Action / Martial Arts

Raging Phoenix (Jija Deu Suay Du)
จีจ้า ดื้อสวยดุ

Year : 2009

Starring : Yanin Vismitananda, Patrick Tang
[ ญาณิน วิสมิตะนันท์, แพทริค แทงค์, หนุ่ย แสนแดง ]

Director : Rachen Limtrakool
ราเชนทร์ ลิ้มตระกูล

Story :

Raging Phoenix is the comeback of Jija Yanin, the female action icon, that combines new stunning martial art styles and love story to be the ultimate action-romance film. Focused specifically to Jija''s skills and personality, Raging Phoenix fuses her martial arts skills with hip hop dancing and other elements. The film also introduces a newcomer, Kazu Patrick Tang who teams up with Jija on the big screen.



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