A Dangerous Man 2010 DVDRip

A Dangerous Man 2010 DVDRip

A Dangerous Man / 2010 / DVDRip / 708 MB

I first heard of director Keoni Waxman ten years ago when out of nowhere he was the guy behind the average Dolph Lundgren effort Sweepers. Ten years later, he gave Steven Seagal a career lift with the superior The Keeper. If he didn't produce one of Seagal's best films ever, he gave it a more dynamic story and better production values than most of what had been seen from him in recent years. Which begs the question, why have standards slipped so badly here? You get the feeling it may have been a rushed schedule or a more limited budget, but somehow with A Dangerous Man director and star have returned to the sort of more amateurish style that does neither of them any good.

For starters, the story manages to be far less dynamic and engaging than before, some muddled, incoherent twaddle with Seagal as former Special Forces guy Shane Daniels, who's released from prison for a crime he didn't commit, only to get involved in a deadly chase involving Chinese drug runners, one half of a surviving rival pair of mobsters and the niece of a man being held to ransom as well as a lot of lost drug money. This piecemeal sort of stuff was never going to hold your interest, but the grey, gloomy lighting that The Keeper knocked in the water is back, along with the dreaded dubbing at various points in the film and some poor close up/sped up fight sequences that drag it even further down.

There doesn't seem to be much excuse for getting things wrong, here. Seagal and Waxman are back, with the same production company and a competent cast and crew, including action film character actor Byron Mann as one of the villains. But sadly and very disappointingly, Seagal has fallen back almost to square one with this effort with very little to recommend it. **





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